In each major sports league, certain teams have earned reputations as having fanbases that “travel well.” The NFL has the Steelers and the MLB has the Yankees, both of whom seem to draw crowds to games even when the team is struggling. The same holds true in college football, where the legacy programs drive up demand in virtually every city they visit.

The most in-demand major football program this upcoming season is Notre Dame. When the Fighting Irish come to town they drive up ticket prices by an average of 96 percent. This means they nearly double the ticket prices of every opponent they play on the road. The next most popular team on the road is Michigan, followed by Penn State, Ohio State, and Oregon, all with average price increases of about 60 percent on the road.

Tickets to Michigan at Ohio State

On the other hand, some of the teams that make prices more affordable are Colorado, Rutgers, Boston College, Minnesota, and Wake Forest.

Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest rivalries in college football account for the hottest tickets on the market. Michigan at Ohio State leads the way with a median listing price 90 percent higher than the average Ohio State home game. However, the second hottest ticket next season is a non-conference game, LSU at Wisconsin, which is set to take place at historic Lambeau Field.

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(Image courtesy Sam Howzit via Flickr.)