It’s the year of the long desired, inaugural College Football Playoff. A final four of sorts, but you won’t hear those words much as that branding is for NCAA’s other big moneymaker, March Madness. Browse tickets and seating info below.

2015 Tickets

The Rose Bowl #2 Oregon Ducks vs #3 Florida State Seminoles

The other semifinal matchup, the Rose Bowl, has slightly less expensive tickets. The average ticket price at the moment for the Rose Bowl is $334. After just winning the BCS Championship last year, Florida State fans seem less willing to make the journey west, so the average ticket price actually dropped by $100 after the matchup was announced.

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The Sugar Bowl #1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs #4 Ohio State Buckeyes

As one of the semi-final games in the College Football Playoff, it’s no surprise that the Sugar Bowl has the most expensive tickets of any of the games outside of the National Championship. This year, the average ticket price for the Sugar Bowl is $461 on the secondary market. Ohio State fans boosted ticket prices by over $100 when the Buckeyes were announced as one of the teams.
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Tickets for the Sugar Bowl tends to be more volatile in comparison to other major bowl games. Over the past several years, average ticket prices have ranged from just over $140 to more than $260. Alabama’s unexpected loss to Auburn last year likely helped drive the price up for the Sugar Bowl just as it had the opposite effect on the BCS Bowl.

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2015 Ticket Prices

In the first year of the new College Football Playoff format, the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl will serve as the two semifinal games before the championship. Therefore, ticket prices for these two matchups are significantly higher than other bowl games, with the Alabama-Ohio State game averaging $461 on the resale market and the Oregon-Florida State game going for $334 on average. Prices for the Sugar Bowl have increased by over $100 since Ohio State was unexpectedly selected. Conversely, prices for the Rose Bowl have declined by $100 since the participants were announced, with Florida State fans seemingly unwilling to travel west for a second consecutive year.
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