Last week, Quavo, one-third of Migos, was spotted playing pickup basketball–and it turns out he can actually hoop. Sure there isn’t much defense happening here, but the Atlanta MC showed off a solid handle, smooth lefty jumper, and even some nifty finishes around the rim.

Plenty of musicians are multi-talented within the confines of music, but only a select few can compete on a basketball court. Here is my starting five of musicians who are not only nice on the mic, but also on the hardwood.

Point Guard: Common

It isn’t too hard to imagine one of the most consistent rappers of all time providing a steady presence at point guard. Unselfish, not too flashy, and can hit a jump shot when needed. Common would keep the team calm even at the end of close games – think Tony Parker (unfortunately the comparison doesn’t really work in reverse).

Shooting Guard: J. Cole

Long, athletic, and definitely capable of dunking, J. Cole is my pick for Shooting Guard. As a rapper who makes his own beats, you have to think Cole would be a two-way player willing to put in work on defense. During his time at St. John’s University, Cole tried out for the team unsuccessfully – luckily for his fans, this gave him plenty of time to focus on music.

Small Forward: The Game

There is no question The Game would be this squad’s go-to player. Providing a combination of size, scoring prowess, and the ability to instill pure terror in opponents, he claims to have received a D1 offer to play at Washington State University. Today, he participates in the famed Drew League regularly, holding his own with former pro and college players.

Power Forward: 2 Chainz

A former college basketball player himself, 2 Chainz fits nicely at the Power Forward spot. He can stretch the floor or challenge opponents in the low post with his 6’5” frame. Plus, you have to love hearing his chains clank together as he makes a move or how he yells “2 Chainz” with every jumper.

Center: Win Butler, Arcade Fire

He’s big, he’s Canadian, and he’s always in the running for NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP honors. Win Butler of Arcade Fire slots in at Center as the only non-rapper in the starting lineup. Sure to gobble up rebounds and knock down threes, Butler delivers a versatile skillset to this already talented team.

Sixth Man: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s full set of skills may be a question mark, but he seems to know a thing or two about trash talk. Every good bench needs a big mouth, so JT gets the final nod.

There you have it. Five starters and a boy band bench leader. Now if only a few more NBA players could figure out the rap thing…