Everybody loves NASCAR – right? The sport, filled with high-speed races and high-energy crowds, will include this year’s Crown Royal Sprint Cup 400 Series. What makes this series extra special is that it’s a 400-mile race, on a track where each lap is three-fourth’s of a mile. This is actually one of the more exciting races because the track is so small, plus there are 42 cars racing on it, so there’s virtually no room for error. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even get to see some crashes this year. Kidding!

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All Sprint Cup events this year are held in Richmond, VA, with the first taking place on April 27. Defending race winner Kyle Busch will surely be there, along with Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and all of the stars of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Tickets for that event are on sale now. The other Sprint Cup race will be held on September 7, and is being called the “One Last Race to Make the Chase.” Tickets for children 12 and younger start at $25 for this event, although sales will not begin until May 23.

Crown Royal 400 Sprint Cup Tickets

Crown Royal 400 Dates

April 27 & September 7, in Richmond, VA.

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