This weekend’s Eagles vs. Cowboys matchup is easily the most expensive Eagles game (home or away) since at least 2010. A January 2014 playoff game against the Saints, which happens to be the Eagles’ second-most expensive home game since 2010, averaged $238 — that’s almost $100 cheaper than Sunday’s game.

This will be also be the most expensive installment of the Dallas-Philadelphia rivalry since at least 2010. The next-most expensive installment, in December 2014, averaged $233 on the secondary market.

Tickets to Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday’s matchup will be the Cowboys’ most expensive away game of the season, beating out their October 4 game in New Orleans that is averaging $320. In fact, Sunday’s average ticket price of $330 is just narrowly less than the Cowboys’ most expensive home game of the season, their October 11 matchup against the Patriots that is averaging $335.

This season, the average Eagles home ticket is averaging $232, which would make this season the highest-priced on average since at least 2010. Last season (when the average Eagles ticket was second-most expensive since 2010), tickets were averaging $175 on the secondary market at this point in the year.
Sunday’s game is on pace to be this season’s twelfth-most expensive NFL regular season game. The most expensive ticket is currently the Packers-Broncos matchup on November 1 that is averaging $473 on the secondary market.