Thursday’s Chiefs-Broncos matchup is the third most expensive Kansas City home game since 2010 with an average resale price of $144, only topped by matchups against the Broncos ($164 average resale price) and Cowboys ($145) in 2013. This week’s game is by far the most expensive Chiefs home game of the season, topping a visit from the Steelers in late October that has an average resale price of $127.

Fans will pay a premium for the best seats in the house, as those along the sideline in the lower level are reselling for an average of $307 each. Fans can save a significant amount of money if they are willing to sit in the upper level corners, where the average ticket has resold for just $92 each.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

With the game on a weeknight, it would see few Broncos fans will be making the trek from Denver, as only 5 percent of those looking for tickets on our site live in Colorado. The vast majority of the fans looking for tickets on our site are coming from Missouri (29 percent), Kansas (25 percent) and Oklahoma (12 percent).

While this week’s game is expensive compared to other Chiefs home games, it is still far cheaper than Taylor Swift’s stop in town next week, when tickets have an average resale price of $210 for her two shows. Interestingly Thursday’s game is also cheaper than the Royals Opening Day game this season, when the average resale price was $160.