Broncos Win AFC West on Last Day of NFL Regular Season

For the first time since 2005, the Denver Broncos will be playing in the NFL Playoffs. The last time the Broncos played in the postseason Jake Plummer was the starting Quarterback and John Elway was the owner of an Arena Football Team. Things have definitely changed in Denver. This season’s Broncos team, led by controversial star quarterback Tim Tebow, will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 8th, to wrap up the four games of this year’s Wild Card Weekend. Tim Tebow and company have brought national media attention to the Broncos for the first time since John Elway hung up his helmet and cleats.  For a Broncos game, ticket prices are reaching record-highs, though prices on the secondary market still remain low compared to the other games this Wild Card Weekend.

After starting the season at a lowly 2-5, the Broncos churned out six straight wins, many of which came as a result of strong defense and late-game offensive comebacks. As the Broncos continued to win, the Tim Tebow bandwagon got larger and larger, taking over the city of Denver and much of the nation. But, the Broncos finished the season on a three game skid, punctuated by a blowout on the road by the Buffalo Bills and a home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the rest of the AFC West (the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders) did not have enough games left in the season to defeat the Broncos, and with the Raiders’ loss in Week 17, the Broncos backed into the 2012 NFL Playoffs. Fortunately for Denver, their division championship gives them the opportunity to host the Pittsburgh Steelers on the gridiron of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, one of the most difficult stadiums for a road team to play in.

Broncos Fans Paying Record Prices to See a Game at Mile High

The Steelers visit to the Rocky Mountains is figuring to be one of the hottest tickets that Denver has seen in recent history. Broncos fans remember all too well their last home playoff game, when Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a victory in the 2005 AFC Championship and an eventual win in Super Bowl XL.  They are hoping for a different outcome this Sunday.

Tickets sold through SeatGeek for Sunday’s game are currently averaging $253.61 on the secondary market.  Although this is the least expensive of the four Wild Card Weekend games, the Steeler’s visit to Denver is the most expensive Broncos home game in two seasons, 35% higher than the second most expensive game, this year’s December 11th home game against the Chicago Bears ($188.18).

No Amount of Money Will Get You Tickets from the Broncos If You Aren’t From the Rocky Mountain Area

In order to defeat the powerhouse Steelers, the Broncos are going to need as much help as they can get, including a capacity crowd. But, the Steelers have one of the best traveling fan bases in the country, so how will the Broncos make sure the stadium is full of the Broncos faithful and not Steelers nation? Easy, just block anyone from buying tickets that resides outside the greater Colorado area.

The Broncos sold tickets to this weekend’s game on Monday only to people with pre-approved zip codes. The tickets, which sold for between $45 and $375, were going fast Monday and Tuesday morning only single seats remained via the primary seller websites.

It remains to be seen whether or not this policy will achieve the aim the Broncos are striving for, as tickets are continuing to sell on the secondary market. Although the field level sections are selling for between $525 and $900, there are still tickets posted on SeatGeek for $80 in Section 524, and for less than $150 in many other sections.

Will Tebow bring back the magic this weekend or will Big Ben defeat the Broncos at home?  We’ll find out this Sunday in Denver.

All tickets for the Broncos-Steelers game can be found via the link below:

Sunday Jan 8 2:30 PM AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Steelers at Broncos Sports Authority Field at Mile High Denver, CO tickets from $88