An epic matchup between the Wisconsin Badgers and Alabama Crimson Tide football teams is set for September 5. And with an average resale price of $227 a ticket, the game is more expensive than the Cowboy’s matchups against the Eagles, Panthers, Giants, Jets, Falcons and Redskins. Only Dallas’s matchups with the two defending conference champions (Patriots and Seahawks) are more expensive than this college football game.

With the game rapidly approaching, secondary market ticket prices are beginning to drop. The median listing price two weeks ago was $263, but currently it is down to $210, a drop of 20 percent. The same trend shows up for the get-in price (cheapest ticket for sale), which has gone from $120 to $86 over the same timespan.

The most expensive seats are those in the lower level at midfield, which have an average resale price of $345 each. Fans that want to sit in the lower level but not pay that much can look to the end zones, where the average resale price is $216 a ticket. Fans looking to just get in the door should look to the 400-level, where the average resale price of a ticket is $128.

AT&T Stadium will host three college football games this season, and interestingly the Wisconsin-Alabama game is not even the most expensive of the bunch. That distinction belongs to the Texas A&M-Arkansas game later in September, when the average resale price is $257. The cheapest chance to see college or professional football at AT&T Stadium this year will be when Baylor and Texas Tech meet in early October. That game has an average resale price of just $102.

Besides the love of football in Texas, the other reason the Wisconsin-Alabama game is so expensive is because the teams have two of the top fan bases in the country. This season Alabama is currently the second most expensive college football team to see at home trailing only Notre Dame. Wisconsin is the 43rd most expensive team to see at home in college football this season.

While neither school is located in Texas, 40 percent of the fans looking for tickets to the game on our site live in the Lone Star State. Alabama is the state with the second most traffic, with 12 percent of visitors coming from there. Wisconsin ranks third with eight percent, while Illinois (seven percent) and New York (five percent) round out the top five.