With the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket set, the sports world will turn its attention to eight regional sites for first and second round March Madness games. While many fans will be keeping track from work–or out “sick” this Thursday and Friday–some die-hards will be making the trip to follow their alma maters and favorite teams. As indicated by the pricing data, geography has a strong impact on prices, as regions with schools within driving distance are likely to be the hotter events.

The hottest region thus far is shaping up to be Greenville, SC, where both Duke and UNC will play, along with local school South Carolina. Both Duke (located in Durham) and UNC (located in Chapel Hill) are roughly a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Greenville, while South Carolina’s home in Columbia is only an hour-and-a-half away. Duke’s first-round opponent, Troy University in Alabama, is less than a six-hour drive as well. The morning’s Session I (Arkansas vs. Seton Hall, UNC vs. Texas Southern) is shaping up to be the better value with tickets going for a median listing price of $249 and a get-in price of $123. Session II tickets (Duke vs. Troy, South Carolina vs. Marquette) are going for a median listing price of $310 and a get-in price of $199.

The next-hottest location right now is Indianapolis, IN, which features three schools from the neighboring state of Kentucky. Two seed University of Kentucky is just a three hour drive from Indy, while Louisville and Northern Kentucky are a roughly two hour trip. Michigan, a seven seed with a national fan base, is less than a five hour drive. Session I tickets (Michigan vs. Oklahoma State, Louisville vs. Jacksonville State) are again proving a better value at a median listing price of $227 and a get-in price of $124. Session II (Dayton vs. Wichita State, Kentucky vs. Northern Kentucky) is checking in at a $303 median listing price for tickets and $198 get-in.

First & Second-Round March Madness Ticket Prices

Location Session Avg. Ticket Price Get-In Price
Greenville, SC Session I $249 $123
Session II $310 $199
Indianapolis, IN Session I $227 $124
Session II $303 $198
Salt Lake City, UT Session I $97 $51
Session II $112 $62
Orlando, FL Session I $112 $43
Session II $133 $64

The region offering the best value for tickets currently is Salt Lake City, which also features the schools with what may be the smallest alumni bases and toughest travel prospects. The regions’ number one seed, Gonzaga, is a school of under 8,000 students and is a 10-hour drive or two hour flight away–and that is the shortest trip of the group. St. Mary’s, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and South Dakota State are also smaller schools with long trips ahead for dedicated fans. Session I tickets (Gonzaga vs. South Dakota State, Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt) are reselling for a $97 median listing price and $51 get-in price, while Session II tickets (St. Mary’s vs. VCU, Arizona vs. North Dakota) are reselling for a median listing price of $112 and a get-in price of $62.

The next-best value region for fans after Salt Lake comes Orlando. Local school Florida, the four seed, is less than a two-hour drive away, while Florida State is a four-hour trip and Florida Gulf Coast is a three hour drive. The day session is yet again proving to be less expensive, with Session I (Virginia vs. UNC Wilmington, Florida vs. ETSU) checking in at a $112 median listing price and very affordable $43 get-in price. Session II (Maryland vs. Xavier, Florida State vs. Florida Gulf Coast) is checking in at a $133 median listing price and a $64 get-in price.

For those feeling priced out right now, SeatGeek encourages fans to check back often and track ticket prices on SeatGeek.com. You can also check out our March Madness Buying Tips for the best ways to see the Tournament on the cheap.