Baseball fans got more than they bargained for on Sunday during Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. It had it all: record-breaking performances, home runs for days, and a total of 25 runs scored. But it came at a heavy cost. The game ran for a marathon five hours and 17 minutes, starting at 7:21pm Central Time (that’s 8:21 Eastern), meaning that there were plenty of people operating on not much sleep yesterday. What else could you have done with that time that would’ve been just as interesting? Funny you should ask…

Binge Watch 2/3rds of Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things was last year’s surprise hit, and outside of of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, there probably isn’t a more anticipate media property coming out this year. Clocking in at around 45 minutes to an hour per episode and boasting nine episodes this season (one more than last year), that means you could’ve spent Halloween Eve Eve (so All Hallow’s Eve Eve Eve for those keeping score) catching up on how the boys and Eleven are going to deal with the Upside Down, and whether Nancy will ever get Justice For Barb (spoilers at that link).

Play 2 1/2 Games of Kickball

Every kickballer knows that a game of kickball should take roughly an hour and a half, assuming you are playing a full nine-innings (seven inning leagues are for scrubs). Of course by the time your squad rolls in, you get the bases and beers set up, figure out who the heck is supposed to be umping the game, and once you factor in stoppages for the occasional (or not so occasional) refill and general shenanigans, it really takes about two hours. And with fall in the air, there’s no better time to hit the park and kick at some ball. Why not throw down a few back-to-back games and keep going until you hit the five-hour mark or your knee blows out and you have to explain to your office that you tore an ACL playing a middle school game?

Watch 634 Campaign Ads

November is just around the corner, and every American knows what that means: Pumpkin spice everything! Oh wait, no, the other thing. Campaign ads. The bane of every swing state resident and even a handful of those in the rest of the states, you could sit down and watch just, like, all of the ads. Assuming you are watching nothing but 30-second clips, you should be able to cram in a solid 634 in the time it would’ve taken you to watch the game on Sunday. But to be fair, most of us have probably already seen that many in the last few months. So go ahead and check this one off the list I guess. Yay?

Pop 10 1/2 Lures/Incenses in Pokemon Go

“What, people still play that game?” you ask. The answer is yes, DON’T YOU JUDGE US! If you are among the millions still trying to catch ‘em all then you already know that the Halloween event is in full swing right now, with double candy and a disappointingly low five new mons (six if you count witch hat Pikachu, but come on). Lures and incense run for 30 minutes each, and you can stack them up and get a few dozen mons in that time, so get out there and stock up on… well, still mostly Pidgeys, but that’s cool. Also, you could feasibly have done this while watching the game. Multitasking.

Go Camping for Half a Night

With summer just ending, some of us aren’t quite ready to give up the outdoors yet. Instead of going cold turkey, why not pop up to the mountains for half a night?* You can still have a campfire and make some s’mores, but just don’t stay the entire night–after all, it gets mighty cold in the woods this time of year. Also, there are probably bears getting all fattened up for hibernation, so only going from 6:00ish to 11:17ish might be wiser anyway.

*Does not apply to the Midwest, where mountains are not a thing. Go to a lake or river instead or something.

(Image courtesy John Liu via Flickr.)