Saturday’s average resale price of $219 makes this LSU’s most expensive home game of the year. It’s also LSU’s second-most expensive game of the season, behind their huge November 7 away game against Alabama that is currently averaging $352 on the secondary market.

Since 2010, there has only been one installment of the LSU-Florida rivalry that was more expensive than Saturday’s game: in 2011, the game averaged $280 on the secondary market. Interestingly, of the six games played between the teams since 2010, the three more expensive games have been at LSU, and the three less expensive games have been at Florida.

Tickets to Florida Gators at LSU Tigers Football

Usually, we can expect ticket prices to fall leading up to an event, but dominant starts to the season by both LSU and Florida have caused Saturday’s game to take on the opposite trend. On October 3, when Florida beat Ole Miss and LSU cemented a 4-0 start, the median listing price on the secondary market was $194. It has since risen to $289 — that’s a 49 percent increase in just 10 days.

Monday’s news that Florida QB Will Grier would be suspended has not appeared to substantially affect prices. On Sunday, before the news broke, the median listing price was $292, and it is currently $289.

LSU tickets are averaging $136 on the secondary market this season, which is fourth in the SEC, behind Alabama, Georgia, and Texas A&M. Florida’s average of $92 is eighth in the SEC.

(Photo courtesy Getawaypaul127 via Wikipedia.)