Demand is off the charts for Friday’s Warriors-Mavericks game, with tickets reselling at an average price of $239. That’s the second most expensive Mavs home game this season, behind only the last Warriors visit on December 30, 2015 ($249).

These are also the two most in demand regular season Mavericks games SeatGeek has seen since the company began tracking the secondary ticket market in 2011. Only a string of games during the team’s 2011 championship run tops these two matchups.

The average resale price for a ticket to a Mavericks home game this season is $86, yet tickets to Friday’s game are almost three times that amount. Dang. So far, the games and teams that have sparked the most interest in Dallas this season are the Warriors, Cavs and Spurs, with the Bulls and Thunder not far behind.

Top 5 Most Popular Teams in Dallas

Team Avg. Resale Price Date
Warriors $239 3/18/16
Cavaliers $157 1/12/16
Spurs $146 2/5/16
Bulls $125 12/26/15
Thunder $125 1/22/16

Despite the DeAndre Jordan offseason fiasco and resulting fan interest (or more accurately, contempt), the Clippers rank a bit lower down on the list. Tickets for the January 11 Clippers game in Dallas had an average resale price of $73, and the March 7 game had an average resale price of $66.

The hottest tickets to see the Warriors on the road this season have been them with the Lakers on March 6 ($395), followed by the Knicks on January 31 ($366), and finally them with the Clippers on February 20 ($338).

Tickets to Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks

Just one season ago, Dallas fans could have seen the eventual NBA champion Warriors at American Airlines Center for half the cost of Friday’s game on April 4 ($119 average resale price) or one third of the cost on December 13, 2014 ($71).

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