With an average resale price of $520, this Sunday’s Broncos-Packers game is currently the most expensive game in the NFL this season. Ticket prices have increased by seven percent since the start of the season, as both of these teams have yet to taste defeat.

Top 5 Most Expensive Current NFL Games

Packers at Broncos (11/01): $520
*Bears at Packers (11/26): $441
Patriots at Broncos (11/29): $435
Jets at Patriots (10/25): $431
Steelers at Seahawks (11/29): $424

*(Favre jersey retirement on Thanksgiving)

With both teams 6-0, demand for Sunday’s game has increased since the beginning of the season, and this has caused a jump in the listing prices for tickets. At the beginning of the season the median listing price for Sunday’s game was $623, but currently it is up to $667, an increase of seven percent. We have seen a much bigger jump with the get-in price, which has gone from $273 at the beginning of the season to $379 currently.

Tickets to Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos

Not only is this game the most expensive NFL game this season, but it is also more expensive than any NFL regular season game since at least 2010, which is when we started tracking pricing data. Last season, only the Super Bowl (avg. resale price of $4,271) and the NFC Championship game (avg. resale price of $581) were hotter tickets. That means that the demand for this game is higher than it was for the AFC Championship game last year, which had an average resale price of $453.

The only Broncos home game over the past five years that has had a higher average resale price than this weekend’s Packers matchup was the 2014 AFC Championship game against the Patriots, which had an average resale price of $530. Looking to attend Sunday’s game? Click here to view all available tickets.