With an average resale price of $189 a ticket, this weekends Vikings-Packers matchup is currently the second hottest Vikings home game since 2010, when we started tracking the secondary market. The only game that was a hotter ticket was when the Packers visited the Vikings in November of 2010, a game that had an average resale price of $198 a ticket. Brett Favre was the quarterback for the Vikings in that game.

Tickets to Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

With the Vikings winning five in a row, ticket prices to this weekend’s game has steadily climbed, peaking this past weekend. At the beginning of the season the median listing price for Sunday’s game was $245, and this past Sunday it was $325, a jump of 33 percent. Since Sunday, prices have started to drop again, with the current median listing price standing at $283.

Top 5 Most Expensive NFL Games of the Weekend

49ers at Seahawks: $352
Cowboys at Dolphins: $258
Bills at Patriots: $252
Broncos at Bears: $238

Even though this game may have the biggest playoff implications of any NFL matchups this weekend, it is actually only the fifth most expensive game. To see a full listing of NFL teams and corresponding games, click here and start browsing.