Just like turkey and mashed potatoes, football is a Thanksgiving Day staple. Fans will see a continuation of this tradition during the 2016 holiday, when three games with playoff implications will take center stage. This year’s Turkey Day has it all: a Super Bowl contender, MVP candidates, breakout rookies, and future Hall of Famers. See below for SeatGeek’s breakdown of each Thanksgiving NFL game. (Don’t have cable? Click here to find out where to stream NFL games online!)

Vikings at Lions, 12:30pm ET

The Lions have a long history of football on Thanksgiving day, having played in 69 holiday games – and winning 33, just under 50 percent of them – since the team moved to Detroit in 1934. This year, they’ll face their division rival Minnesota Vikings in a battle for the NFC North title and a trip to the postseason – something the Lions haven’t accomplished since their 2012 Wild Card round loss to the Saints.

Given the importance of this game, tickets are shaping up to be the hottest of any Lions home game this season. The average resale price of $150 for a ticket will top a Packers visit on New Year’s Day and the Bears’ trip to Detroit in December. However, comparing this game more broadly to past Thanksgiving games in Detroit, this year’s game is actually quite a good value. On November 24, 2011, a ticket to see the Packers play the Lions at Ford Field resold for an average price of $184, nearly 25 percent higher than those for this year’s game.

Lions vs Vikings Tickets

Redskins at Cowboys, 4:30pm ET

Like the Lions, the Cowboys are longtime Thanksgiving competitors, beginning their holiday tradition in 1966 with a win over the Cleveland Browns. This year is a particularly exciting one, as the 8-1 Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders, bolstered by the play of star rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the latter of whom is a legitimate MVP candidate.

The Cowboys’ matchup with their NFC East rival Washington Redskins is on pace to be the hottest Cowboys home ticket of the 2016 season. At an average resale price of $272, that also makes this game one of the ten hottest Thanksgiving tickets since SeatGeek began tracking the secondary market in 2011. It’s also the hottest Cowboys Thanksgiving game we’ve ever seen.

Cowboys vs Redskins Tickets

Steelers at Colts, 8:30pm ET

In 2006, the NFL added a night game to their Thanksgiving lineup, a matchup that is not tied to any specific team. This year’s primetime game will be the Colts’ first time ever hosting a Thanksgiving game, and features two teams fighting for their playoff hopes.

At an average resale price of $176, tickets to the Thanksgiving night game come in below the average for all three games on the holiday ($215). While fans might expect to have to pay top dollar for the chance to catch a game at Lucas Oil Stadium after finishing their meal, the Chicago Bears’ visit in October was actually the hottest ticket of the year ($188 average resale price).

Colt vs. Steelers Tickets

Regardless of which team you root for, the best news for fans may be that ticket prices for Thanksgiving games have been dropping across the board. Over the past week, we have seen prices drop by 10 percent in Detroit, six percent in Dallas, and 22 percent in Indianapolis. Head to our NFL page to browse tickets for this weekend and the rest of the NFL season.

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