Due to the huge ticket price gap between the playoff games being played in New York ($248.51 average ticket price) versus those in Philly ($131.35), one of the more interesting trends seen during this series is that an unusually large percentage of Game 3 and 4 ticket shoppers are traveling Rangers fans looking to save by attending the games at the Wells Fargo Center. So far, 32% of ticket buyers for those games have come from the NYC metro area; by comparison, only 4% of ticket buyers for Games 1 and 2 at MSG have come from the Philly metro area.

At an average ticket price of $248.51, the Flyers-Rangers games at Madison Square Garden were the most expensive of the first round of the NHL playoffs, topping the Blues-Blackhawks games in Chicago ($207.72 average ticket price) by 20%. The games in Philadelphia ($131.35) represent a 47% discount on the games at MSG, though they’re still the 6th-most expensive of the first round.

As previously noted, 32% of ticket shoppers for Games 3 and 4 in Philly have come from the NYC metro area; the Philadelphia metro area has accounted for 40% of tickets purchased on the resale market for those games. For Games 1 and 2 at MSG, only 4% of tickets were purchased in Philly, while a whopping 73% have been bought by fans in the NYC metro area. Based on those numbers, it’s fair to expect much more of a Rangers-fan invasion in Philadelphia than vice versa.

The combined average ticket price for the Flyers-Rangers series is $192.28, by far the highest of any of the eight first-round series. That’s 33% higher than the average cost of a ticket to the Red Wings-Bruins series, which is the next-most expensive of the first round at $145.02 per ticket.

The $248.51 average ticket price for this series in New York represents a 37% premium on the average cost of a ticket to the most recent regular season game between these two teams at MSG. Back on March 26, Flyers at Rangers drew an average ticket price of $181.92. In Philadelphia, that playoffs vs. regular season premium is 13%; the average ticket price of the March 1 Flyers-Rangers game at the Wells Fargo Center was $116.13, and playoff tickets in Philly are going for $131.35.