It may be the middle of the summer, but that doesn’t mean the NHL news cycle slows down, as both the schedule release and free agency have occurred since the last newsletter. With the schedule locked in, it is a good chance to look at some of the matchups that are particularly hot tickets right now.

Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins

Outside of the specialty games like the Winter Classic, fans in Pittsburgh are looking forward to seeing their Stanley Cup champion Penguins raise the banner against the Capitals. The least expensive tickets for that game right now cost $286.

Montreal Canadiens at Maple Leafs

After a down season, fans in Toronto seem excited for what the future holds, as the addition of top pick Auston Matthews has helped drive up prices from the low point a season ago. The Maple Leafs home games against the Montreal Canadiens are some of the hottest tickets this season.

Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers

Finally, despite the loss of Taylor Hall, fans in Edmonton are still excited for year two of Connor McDavid, as the Oilers opener against the Flames is looking like one of the hotter tickets of the season.

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