Following a historic Finals series, last week’s NBA schedule release confirms that basketball fans have a lot to look forward to for the 2016-17 season. Opening day on October 25 kicks off with the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers hosting the retooled New York Knicks, followed by the Golden State Warriors’ first game with Kevin Durant as they take on the San Antonio Spurs.

NBA 2016-2017 Tickets

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It will likely come as no surprise that a look at early ticket prices for the upcoming season shows the hottest matchups include one of the two contenders from last year’s Finals. Of the 10 games with the highest average listing price for tickets, only one – Bulls at Knicks on January 12 – does not feature the Cavaliers or Warriors. Interestingly, the Knicks and new point guard Derrick Rose are involved in four of the top five games with the hottest tickets thus far.

Top 5 Hottest NBA Tickets 2016-2017

1.Cavaliers at Knicks: 12/7/16
2. Celtics at Knicks: 12/25/16
3. Knicks at Cavaliers: 10/25/16
4. Warriors at Bulls: 3/2/17
5. Bulls at Knicks: 1/12/17

For comparison, last season the top five teams with the most in-demand tickets were the Warriors, Lakers, Knicks, Cavaliers, and Bulls. Click here to browse all NBA tickets; click here to sell NBA tickets.

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