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Christian Lopez seatsSo, just how much are Christian Lopez’s tickets worth, anyway? The lucky New York Yankees fan who caught Derek Jeter’s 3000th-hit ball is a polarizing figure. Some are criticizing him for not selling the ball (some estimates say he could’ve sold it for $250,000) while others are praising him for not even considering it, showing that he’s a true Yankees fan at heart.

Instead of selling the ball, all he requested was some signed Yankees memorabilia and to meet his idol, Derek Jeter. The Yankees also rewarded him with some high-priced luxury box seats for the rest of the season and playoffs. While there hasn’t been an official release from the Yankees regarding what seats Lopez received, USA today reported that Lopez was given four front-row Legends seats to Sunday’s game and four Champions Suite season tickets for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

According to the Yankees’ official website, Legends front-row seats range from $975 to $1,600 depending on the section. So, multiply by four and the Legends seats Lopez received are worth somewhere between $3,900 and $6,400.

As for the Champions Suite tickets, the Yankees have 32 home games remaining this season. Once again according to the Yankees’ site, Champions Suite tickets are either $475 or $575 per seat depending on row and section. This equates to $1,900 on the low end and $2,300 on the high end per game — or $60,800 to $73,600 for the rest of the season (not even including the playoffs)!

In total, the face value of the seats that Lopez received from the Yankees is somewhere between $64,700 and $80,000.

Starting on the 22nd, the Yankees have an ten-game homestand in which they’ll be playing the Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and Baltimore Orioles. We decided to take a look at the secondary market for these seats similar to Diaz’s. In short, if Diaz were to buy these seats on the secondary market for the next week, this is approximately what he’d pay (prices based on section 13 of Yankee Stadium):


Total: 40 tickets, $22, 740
Average: $568.50 per ticket


Some people may be criticizing this guy, but if it’s the Yankees that really make him happy, can you blame him? The upcoming homestand would’ve cost the average person over $20,000 on the secondary market for these seats! What else is there to say? Enjoy them, Christian!


Image credit via Flickr user njnetfan