March Madness is coming to an exciting close, with South Carolina, Oregon, Gonzaga and North Carolina leading the charge for this year’s Final Four.

Demand for the semifinal games has been higher than expected, with the median listing price going up 39 percent in the past 36 hours. While North Carolina is the only legacy program in the Final Four, Gonzaga, Oregon and South Carolina are all major sports schools, and their fans will be hungry to see their team playing for a shot at a championship.

How Much Do Final Four Tickets Cost?

Full Strip (Semifinals and Finals): $885
Semifinals: $517
Championship: $438

These averages are similar to last year. In 2016, a Full Strip ticket was $803, the Semifinals were $518 and the Championship was $439. However, the spike in listing prices seen this year did not happen last year, so it’s fair to say that–at least right now–demand is up versus last year.

Final Four Tickets

Currently, the majority of shoppers are coming from Arizona (18 percent), California (12 percent) and Washington (nine percent). South Carolina, North Carolina and Oregon make up the rest. Are you interested in attending this year’s Final Four? Click here to shop tickets on SeatGeek!