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On the first full week of April each year, one of the best traditions in all of sports takes place – the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, GA. Established way back in 1938, the Masters has long been considered as the most prestigious and best golf tournament in the world.

Played at the historic Augusta National Country Club, the Masters tournament attracts fans of all types to Northeastern Georgia. Considered by many to be a must-experience live sporting event, tickets for the Masters have become notoriously hard to obtain in recent years, leading some to call the tournament the “toughest ticket in sports.”

If you’re one of the many people worldwide interested in attending the tournament at Augusta, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how you can get your hands on a ticket for one of the best sporting events around.

Let’s get into it!

Masters Official Website

The first method to obtain tickets to the tournament is through the Masters directly at their website. The Masters offers two types of tickets to the event: daily tickets (which includes practice rounds) and series badges. Daily tickets (as you could probably guess) are tickets to one individual day of the tournament, while the series badge is good for all four days of the Masters.

In order to get daily tickets, fans must submit an application online which enters them in a lottery for the privilege to buy their passes. Submissions are only open for a relatively short period of time, and they usually close on June 1 – 10 months before the tournament takes place. Those who are lucky enough to get selected to buy tickets are informed first-hand via e-mail at some point in the month of July. Tickets are then mailed out around five weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

As far as series badges are concerned, fans are currently unable to buy the four-day passes through the Masters directly due to a tremendously long waiting list. As a result of the high demand for these passes, a waiting list was started back in the 1970s and was only reopened once since – all the way back in the year 2000. The list has long since closed, so if you’re interested in getting a four-day pass, you will have to go through another medium.

Hospitality Packages

Over the past few years, hospitality packages for premium sporting events have become a popular option for sports fans who are looking to bundle event tickets with things such as airfare, hospitality areas and hotels. There are a handful of companies that offer these types of packages for the Masters, including BullseyeEventGroup, PrimeSport and the 1018 Club. One thing worth mentioning about hospitality packages is that they tend to be significantly more costly than regular ticketing options due to the increased cost of the added benefits the packages provide.


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