Major League Soccer is notorious for it’s grueling regular season, which lasts from the beginning of March through the end of October every year. While regular season games provide for fantastic entertainment, MLS really shines once the playoffs start as the 12 best teams in the league vie for the league’s MLS Cup.

Given the recent boom in interest surrounding the league after the acquisition of players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney, it’s safe to say that tickets to these high-intensity matchups will go fast. If you’re looking to get your hands on tickets for this year’s playoffs, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth look at all the different ticketing options at your disposal.

How the MLS Playoffs Work

MLS’ playoff system is set up in such a way that the intensity is dialed up from the get-go as the first-round features two one-game, winner-take-all games. These knockout round games are virtually unparalleled in soccer as playoff matches are almost always played over the course of two home-and-home contests.

After the knockout round ends, the eight teams that remain play two-legged matches until a champion is crowned for each of the Eastern and Western Conference. The conference champions then square off in MLS Cup, which is a one-game playoff that’s almost one of the most intense soccer matches played during the calendar year.

Direct Purchasing from Individual Teams

One of the tried and true methods to secure tickets is to purchase them from each team directly. Each club that makes the playoffs will sell tickets through their website and box office. Season ticket holders are given priority to buy playoff tickets, so for some of the more well-supported teams there may not be a ton of tickets available via this method.

Playoff tickets usually go on sale a few days after a team officially clinches a playoff berth but sometimes teams that are on the bubble late in the season make postseason tickets available in the event that they make the playoffs. This was the case with the Los Angeles Galaxy this year, who have made tickets available even though they still need a result on the last day of the season to make the postseason.

Should you be interested in securing tickets through this method, has a directory available to point you in the right direction to your desired team’s ticketing operations.


Just over two years ago, SeatGeek became the official ticketing partner of Major League Soccer. Perhaps the best part of the partnership with the league has been the integration of easy-to-use mobile ticketing options.
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How to Save on MLS Playoff Tickets

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