The NFL season is underway, and while football tickets can often be pricey, they don’t have to be. Check out SeatGeek’s top tips for saving money on Dallas Cowboys tickets this year.

Waiting to Buy Can Pay Off

While fans may be eager to secure their seats for this Cowboys season, oftentimes waiting to buy tickets can save fans money. Over the past five years fans who purchased tickets the week of the game saved 13 percent compared to those who bought tickets a month or more out from the game. Of course this rule is not always applicable, especially for those who want to sit in a specific area, but waiting to buy can certainly pay off.

Pay Attention to the Opponent

As a Cowboys fan you may be most interested in seeing Dallas take on one of their big NFC East rivals, but smart shoppers looking for a good deal will instead look at the matchups outside of this division. This season the Cowboys have great values in late season games against the Buccaneers and Lions. In both those matchups tickets are currently below $30 each at the low end.

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

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Check Out the SRO Section

Folks looking to really take in the beauty of AT&T Stadium should consider standing room only tickets (SRO), which won’t supply fans with a seat, but will give them a great view from high above the end zones. These tickets are often the least expensive.

Sort by Value, Not Price

Attending an NFL game is an investment of time and money, and like any other purchase fans want to make sure they are getting the biggest bang for their buck. While the natural instinct may just be to look for the least expensive ticket, oftentimes fans can spend a few more dollars and get far better seats. Using a tool like Deal Score is the smart way to shop, as it helps let fans know which tickets are the best value, and which might be best to avoid.