The NFL regular season is kicking off in two weeks, and Vikings fans are eager to see the team play in their brand new U.S. Bank Stadium.

While football tickets can often be pricey, they don’t have to be. Check out SeatGeek’s top tips for saving on Vikings tickets this year.

Waiting to Buy Can Pay Off

While fans may be eager to secure their seats for the upcoming Vikings season, oftentimes waiting to buy tickets can save fans money. Last season fans who purchased tickets the week of the game saved 20 percent compared to those who bought tickets two or more weeks out from the game. Of course this rule is not always applicable, especially for those who want to sit in a specific area, but waiting to buy can certainly pay off.

Pay Attention to the Opponent

Every Vikings fan wants to be at the game against the Packers, and because of that demand for tickets shoots up. This year the Packers at Vikings game is the most in-demand Vikings game we have ever seen, as it also marks the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium. Fans who are operating with a tighter budget should pay close attention to who the Vikings are playing, as the opponent is one of the biggest factors in the price of tickets. This season Vikings fans should pay close attention to the games against the Colts and Bears, which are currently the most inexpensive.

Minnesota Vikings Tickets

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Look Into Away Games

With a new stadium and a winning team, ticket prices to see the Vikings at home this year are up from where they have been historically. With that in mind, fans might be interested in heading to an away game this year. While the travel costs will certainly be more than attending a home game, fans can find inexpensive tickets to go along with a weekend vacation. For example, fans could make a post-Election Day trip to Washington D.C. and see the Vikings take on the Redskins for only $28 right now. Or, if they want to escape the Minnesota winter and head to Florida, they can see the Vikings take on the Jaguars in December for just $46.

Sort by Value, Not Price

Attending an NFL game is an investment of time and money, and like any other purchase fans want to make sure they are getting the biggest bang for their buck. While the natural instinct may just be to look for the least expensive ticket, oftentimes fans can spend a few more dollars and get far better seats. Using a tool like Deal Score is the smart way to shop, as it helps let fans know which tickets are the best value, and which might be best to avoid.