The 2017 U.S. Open Tennis Championships are a little over a month away. For tennis fanatics this event is equivalent to the World Series or Olympics, so naturally tickets are in demand! But don’t start browsing for seats just yet–read our ticket-buying tips to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

US Open Ticket-Buying Tips

Opt for the Women’s Matches

With Serena Williams not participating in this year’s US Open, prices for the Women’s Final will likely be much less expensive than in the past. Tickets to the 2016 event were the priciest they had been in at least five years, and many suspected this was due to the “Serena Effect” driving sales. The superstar holds 22 Grand Slam singles titles, so it’s to be expected.

Check the Day of the Week

With so many matches taking place throughout this two-week tournament, there will be plenty of opportunities to browse prices and find the best value. Typically games later on in the tourney or ones during the week are lower than the weekend matchups. Browse all of the scheduled events here.

US Open Tennis Tickets

Browse all US Open tennis tickets here.

Track US Open on SeatGeek

In keeping with the previous suggestions, find out when ticket prices to the US Open drop by utilizing SeatGeek’s “Track Event” feature. When you track the artist and/or event, you’ll be notified of any cost fluctuations and if any additional dates have been announced. You can find the “Track Event” feature at the top of any performer or event page.

Use DealScore

When gearing up to spend hard-earned cash on US Open tennis tickets, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Deal Score is a tool developed by SeatGeek to help rank the value of a ticket based on historical prices for the event and venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event. Utilizing this feature will ensure that you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck when buying US Open tickets.

(Image courtesy Andreas Komodromos via Flickr.)