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Tailgating at the annual Super Bowl is an American pastime. Hosted this year at Hard Rock Stadium in downtown Miami, football fans are gearing up to celebrate the big game before it even begins. The art of tailgating at such a mammoth event can seem like a daunting endeavor. Here at TBA, we’ve compiled a guide on everything you need to know about tailgating at the 2020 Super Bowl.

Parking at Hard Rock Stadium

While Hard Rock Stadium has over 24,000 parking spots that span across 20 lots, it’s best to plan ahead if your ultimate goal is to tailgate. Parking passes at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium can be purchased online, in a package with your Super Bowl ticket, or day-of. Only one parking spot is allowed per guest, and handicap parking is also available to those with a valid disabled parking pass. All available parking pass options can be purchased here.

Tailgating at Hard Rock Stadium

Regardless of where you decide to park, there are regulations for tailgate parties that you should keep in mind before rolling out your mini grill and all the fixings.

Tailgating Space

Super Bowl attendees should be respectful of their tailgate party space. The stadium requires fans to tailgate in a designated space no bigger than 8×10-feet directly behind their vehicle. This allows everyone to have enough room to party before the big game starts. Keep in mind that your tailgating space should not be blocking the designated fire lanes, as they are marked off for emergency vehicles.

Food & Drink

Being able to grill your own grub before the big game starts is one of the best parts of tailgating. Hard Rock Stadium allows both gas and charcoal barbecue grills for tailgating purposes. However, any form of open fires are not allowed. This includes things like bonfires, pit fires–you get the idea.

While bottles and cans are all fair game as far as beverages go, kegs are not permitted on the Hard Rock’s stadium grounds. As always, the venue advises game goers to drink responsibly, and those who are visibly intoxicated will be removed from the stadium grounds. Play to win, people!


At every tailgate party, there’s always that one person who brings a killer playlist and doesn’t share the aux cord (for good reason.) Music played through personal speakers is allowed, however professional DJ equipment is not permitted. The stadium asks that music is played at a reasonable volume, and explicit lyrics are omitted from airplay. Other than that, jam out to your heart’s content.

2020 Players Tailgate

The Super Bowl Players Tailgate is an annual pre-game party that allows fans to mingle with players and celebrities while enjoying gourmet food options. While pricier than the typical DIY-style tailgate, this event is ideal for those who want to enjoy an luxury tailgating experience, without all the parking and setup involved. This year’s Players Tailgate event will feature over 30 active NFL players, open bars, and gourmet all-you-can-eat style dining. This year’s host is the ever-popular foodie icon Guy Fieri, and he’s bringing along celebrity chef Aaron May and a crew of exceptional chefs for the ride.

This pre-game party is the perfect way to psych yourself up for the big game. However, you do not need to have a ticket to the Super Bowl in order to attend the Players Tailgate. This also allows fans to get a taste of the annual game, with the option to watch from the comfort of their own home afterward.

Tickets to the Players Tailgate start $875 per person and are available for purchase now up until the big event.

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(Football fans photo created by via Freepik.)