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The love (and legend) of Jeremy Lin continues to grow. At the rate things are going, people will be referring to February 14th as the day that Jeremy Lin hit the first of his (hopefully) many buzzer-beaters. Jeremy Lin self-admitted to a poor first half and attributed his teammates for really lifting him up until he could take the reins, scoring the last six points which included a great three point play followed by a devastating three-pointer leaving 0.5 seconds on the clock.

Jeremy Lin has set a record for the most points scored in five starts (131), surpassing the Great Aristotle’s debut back in 1992-1993 for the Orlando Magic. And he’s the toast of not only New York City and all Knicks fans, but getting a lot of love from all over world, including from the Lakers.

And for those of you looking to get tickets to the game tonight, hopefully you were all very bullish about him. After the buzzer beater, tickets are already beginning to skyrocket on the secondary market.

And that’s not because people are excited to see the Kings. It’s a universal trend among all other Knicks home games. The time to buy is now, that’s for sure. As long as the Knicks keep winning, the prices are going to continue to fly sky high.

Let us know if you’re going to see if the Knicks are going to go “Linfinity and Beyond” with Jeremy leading the way. Hit us up @SeatGeek while you’re at the game. If we could afford to be at the game, we’d be live casting for ya’ll!

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