Last week, L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant announced his upcoming retirement. Unsurprisingly, the news caused a huge spike in NBA ticket prices, with the final Lakers home game shooting up 240% from the day prior.

On Sunday morning the median listing price of a ticket to the game was $397, but it has now currently jumped to $1,350, an increase of 240 percent. More astonishing, the get-in price (cheapest ticket) has gone from $124 to $571.

LA Lakers Tickets

Outside of the final Lakers home game, it is actually the Feb. 22 game at the Bucks that saw the biggest price jump. Prior to the announcement the median listing price was $105, but it jumped up to $198 this morning, an increase of 89 percent.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Nuggets saw literally no change in the median listing price, with tickets for Kobe’s final game in Denver staying at a median listing price of $217.

NBA Ticket Prices Before & After Bryant Retirement News

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