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As an aside, we looked at the Dodgers ticket prices at Fenway this weekend and it is pretty interesting:

The Dodgers at Red Sox is a top match-up, so we would expect ticket prices to be above average. Even so, it is interesting to speculate the degree to which Manny Ramirez’s return to Fenway was impacting this jump as well. Note also, that the series trends are in-line with our previous analysis on MLB Ticket Prices by Day and Time. Please comment below with your thoughts.

Raw Ticket Data (Dodgers at Red Sox)

  • Dodgers vs Red Sox – 6/18/2010 – $128.68 average ticket price
  • Dodgers vs Red Sox – 6/19/2010  – $139.62 average ticket price
  • Dodgers vs Red Sox – 6/20/2010  – $121.78 average ticket price
  • at Red Sox Season Avg.  – $81.85 average ticket price

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