To start off, we’re going to state something that everyone already knows: Canada loves hockey. Canadians are crazy for it — maybe too crazy for it.

Even though the season ended two nights ago with the Boston Bruins being crowned as the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions, we know there are always puckheads out there looking for more NHL news.

To wrap up the season, we decided to take a look at the ticket data for the six Canadian teams from the 2010-11 regular season. This is what we found:

The lowest average ticket price on the secondary market was Ottawa at $98. The highest was Toronto at $190 on average. Interestingly, Toronto had only 85 points, good for fourth-highest amongst the six Canadian teams. After looking at this data, we decided to calculate how much Canadian fans spend per point for tickets to their teams’ games:

Looking at these numbers, Calgary fans are technically getting the best bang for their buck at an average of $1.28 per regular season point. On the other hand, Toronto fans are spending a whopping $2.23 per point despite their team not qualifying for the playoffs since the 2003-04 season.