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Earlier this week I ranked MLB teams by ticket price and briefly called out how low Angels prices have become this summer. I wanted to present more of the data and show just how great of a time is to be an Angels fan – if they still exist…

Los Angeles Angels Ticket Prices (6/1/2010 – 8/25/2010)

  • There is a 44% decrease from June 1st (essentially the peak) until 8/25 (essentially the trough)
  • 8/25 prices bottomed out at $23.47
  • The average price over this time period is $32.69

What this all means, is that there are some amazing deals right now on Angels tickets. Let’s take a deeper look at the game on Saturday vs the Orioles to get a better feel for what is available in the market.

Angles 8-28-10 prices and face value

  • Average ticket prices are $25 dollars for a Saturday game, which is typically the most expensive day for baseball tickets
  • Tickets area averaging at a price that is 70% of face value (the box office ticket price as printed on the ticket)
  • Using our sorting features, you can see that tickets start for as low as $5 which is 25% of face value!

Update: lowest prices are still $5, but the best deals start at 30% and 35% of face value.

Angels 8.28 ticket screenshot








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