The return of the Los Angeles Rams from St. Louis is now complete after the team played its first home game in California since 1994. Fan fervor for the L.A. NFL team is evident: at an average resale price of $130, the team’s first preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys this past Saturday was the most expensive NFL preseason game SeatGeek has seen since it began tracking the secondary market in 2011. That’s more than three times the average resale price of an NFL preseason ticket over that time period ($40).

Tickets to Los Angeles Rams

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Looking ahead to the regular season, there are a couple games that jump out as early leaders for the most in-demand Rams tickets of the year. The home opener against the Seattle Seahawks on September 18 is the hottest Rams ticket of the season, checking in at an average resale price of $246. That’s a higher price point than any other Rams home game SeatGeek has ever seen (in L.A. or St. Louis). The San Francisco 49ers at Rams matchup on December 24 is the second hottest ticket of this season at a $178 average resale price, while Falcons at Rams on December 11 is the best value of the year at $133.

For the 2016 season, the Rams rank as the NFL team with the 15th-hottest home tickets (ordered by average resale price). During their time in St. Louis, the team ranked last or second to last over four of the previous five full seasons, and reached its highest mark of 25th in the league during the 2012 season.

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(Image courtesy of InSapphoWeTrust via Flickr.)