The brackets are set, and the First Four teams of 2016 March Madness will spend today and tomorrow competing for a spot in the season’s 68-team field. Among the matchups are Vanderbilt vs. Wichita State, Michigan vs. Tulsa, with full strip tickets starting at $355 on the secondary market.

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But enough about the First Four, let’s talk about the First and Second Rounds! Since the bracket was announced, the session that saw the biggest jump in listing price is actually the first session in Providence, which includes the Baylor-Yale game and the Duke-UNC Wilmington game.

Full Strip Average Resale Price by Location

Location Average Resale Price
Des Moines $596
Providence $562
Denver $529
Brooklyn $454
Oklahoma City $420
Raleigh $417
Spokane $409
St. Louis $400

Considering New Haven, CT, and Providence, RI, are only a few hours from each other, it makes sense to see heightened interest from Yale fans. Coupled with the fact that there are Duke fans all over the country, plus plenty of alumni who are within driving distance of Providence, it makes sense to see first session listing prices up 25 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum it looks like St. Louis has seen the biggest price drops, with the first session going down 17 percent since yesterday, and the second session going down 18 percent since yesterday. This was actually a bit surprising since there are some historical powerhouses at the location (Syracuse, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh).

Overall, Des Moines is actually the most expensive first/second round location, with an average resale price of $596 for a full strip. This may have a lot to do with Kansas, which has seemingly been a lock for this location for a few weeks now.

Location of Des Moines Ticket-Buyers

State Percentage of Buyers
Iowa 21%
Kansas 13%
Indiana 12%
Illinois 8%
Kentucky 5%

Listing prices for the second first round session in Des Moines, which includes both Kentucky and Indiana, have actually come down a bit since the bracket was announced. Right before the bracket came out, the median listing price was $387 on SeatGeek, but it is now down to $326–a 16 percent drop. This likely has less to do with the fact Kentucky and Indiana are in the session, and more to do with the fact Kansas is not in this session.

The second round session is looking like a pretty hot ticket, beating out the first session with an average resale price of $341. Second session listing prices actually went up three percent after the bracket was announced yesterday, which was the opposite behavior in almost every other location.