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There were some close games and big upsets in round 2 and the NCAA Basketball Tournament has been one of the most exciting in recent years. Last week, we took a look at march madness ticket prices for round 2, and as promised we are back taking a look at the ticket price break down for the round of 32.

In round 2, the most expensive tickets on the secondary market were for games played in the Southeast region of the brackets, with an average ticket price of $149 a ticket. In round 3, the Southwest region still claimed the top spot, at $198.50 per ticket but the east region was close behind with an average ticket price of $197.25.

The average ticket prices for each venue hosting a session in round 3 did not vary all that much from venue to venue, however the average ticket price to watch a NCAA Basketball Tournament game at the McKale Center was the lowest for the second straight round at $147 per ticket just $22 higher than the round 2 average price at McKale. The venue that hosted the most expensive session in round 3 is the BOK Center, at an average price of $213 per ticket to see the Kansas-Illinois game and the Texas-Arizona game. This is the second straight round that both Kansas and Illinois are playing in the session with the highest ticket prices of the round. We will keep an eye on this trend to see if the Kansas game garners the highest ticket prices in the sweet sixteen and any future round they qualify for.

March Madness Ticket Prices by Venue - Round of 32

Hopefully your brackets are still in decent shape and stay tuned for the next installment of the NCAA Tournament Ticket Price Report featuring sweet sixteen ticket prices.