Is the Miami Heat’s fire dwindling? Their ticket prices certainly are.

The team made quite the splash at the opening of the season, with tickets burning up in August, and driving up prices across the entire NBA. As the season has progressed, the Heat are ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference, and have dropped from number one to fifth place in our NBA Ticket Prices & Rankings.

Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN’s Miami Heat Index did a great job of explaining what the team needs to do to regain their position on the court and on the scoreboard.

Take a look at the Heat’s substantial drop in prices at home here:

The season started out high with the home opener against the Orlando Magic and saw a sharp drop after losses on the road and little excitement in Miami for games against the Timberwolves and Nets. Ticket prices continued to fall before a stunning loss at home to the Jazz, but saw a huge spike when the number one Celtics arrived for a rematch. Since then ticket prices have continued to drop, so much that the Heat marketing department is trying to figure out new ways to bring fans into the American Airlines Arena.

At first glance the Heat’s “Fan Up” campaign looks like a joke, but sadly it’s not. The team is challenging fans to harness their “new-found power and responsibility” by… wait for it…

  • Arriving at games on time, and staying for the final buzzer!
  • Standing up and cheering!
  • Purchasing official Miami Heat gear at a whopping 10% off!

It’s no question that the Heat have struggled to entice fans to come out to games in the past, but we’re surprised to see such a blatant cry for help, even with The Big 3. To fully understand, be sure to check out the unintentionally humorous Fan Up video and flyers.

We’ll continue to watch the Heat’s performance and ticket prices as the season progresses. Think The Big 3 can step it up this season and in turn reignite fan interest? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SeatGeek.