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On July 8th 2010, LeBron James held his much anticipated hour long TV special, “The Decision” live on ESPN, in which he announced his intention to sign with the Miami Heat. This announcement didn’t shock the world, as much as it just pissed it off, if by “the world” you mean Cleveland, and by “pissed it off” you mean “held mass burnings of all LBJ merchandise.” However, Cleveland’s pain is Miami’s gain, and for every heartbroken Cavs fan out there, there is an equally thrilled South Beach-er. In addition to shelling out the $70 it will take to get one’s hands on a new Bosh or LeBron jersey, these fans have shown their willingness to part with big bucks to see the “new Heat” take the court this year. Below we have compiled a list of a selection of the most anticipated Heat games this season.

The Heat begin the season in Boston against the defending Eastern Conference Champion Celtics. As we detailed in this previous post, ticket prices for that game are second highest in the league amongst teams’ home openers, with an average listing price of $435, second only to the Heat themselves, whose opening game tickets are currently listed at $442.

In fact, the Heat’s first three games are the three most expensive home openers in the league, indicating that fans across the country are eager to see LeBron, Wade, Bosh and company.

Miami Heat Ticket Prices

10/26/10 @Boston – Avg. price $435

10/27/10 @Philadelphia– Avg. price $332

10/29/10 vs. Orlando– Avg. price $442

However, despite the initial hype surrounding the Heat’s first few games, interest in the boys from South Beach does not seem to diminish after the beginning of the season. Rather, Heat ticket prices remain outrageously high throughout the season. Other noteworthy Miami games include:

Lebron’s return to Cleveland – 12/2/10 @Cleveland – Avg. price $356

Cavaliers first visit to Miami – 12/15/10 vs. Cleveland – Avg. price $248

Heat’s first visit to New York – 12/17/10 @New York – Avg. price $385

Heat’s first game against defending champion Lakers, Christmas Day, – 12/25/10 @LA Lakers – Avg. price $894!

Chris Bosh’s return to Toronto – 2/16/11 @Toronto – Avg. price $291

Miami Heat Ticket Prices (same data as above, graphed)

Heat Highest Ticket Prices by Game

Clearly the Heat are a ticketing force to be reckoned with. In addition to leading the league in average ticket price, a league leading 29 of their games will be broadcast on national TV! To put that in perspective, the Heat will be featured nationally more times than the Nets, 76ers, Pistons, Pacers, Raptors, Grizzlies, Timberwolves and Cavaliers combined!

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