Miami Heat Ticketing Trends

The Miami Heat are in the middle of an historic win streak.  With 24 straight wins, tonight they will attempt to earn win number 25, bringing them just eight wins away from tying the longest win streak in NBA history.  Fans both in an out of Miami want to be there to see if the Heat can keep the streak alive or if they will fall short.

Through the first 22 games of the Miami Heat’s win streak, ticket prices for their games rose at a surprisingly modest rate. The average price of a ticket to see Miami at home since the streak began has been $134.91, an increase of only 5.5% over the season average of $127.86. However, on Monday night Miami defeated Boston and claimed the 2nd longest winning streak in NBA history.  Since that win, we’ve seen home tickets to Heat games in the American Airlines Arena rise over 50%!
The continuation of the streak this week has had a profound effect on the Heat’s next two games — both of which are against lackluster opponents in the Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Bobcats. The average price of a ticket to Miami’s Friday night homegame vs. the Detroit Pistons is currently $135, with prices on the secondary market up a whopping 52.6% since Miami beat Boston on Monday night.

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Meanwhile, the Heat will face-off at home Sunday evening against the Charlotte Bobcats, who hold a league worst 16-52 record.  The average price of a ticket to this game is $120, and ticket prices for this game are up 56.5% since the streak hit 23 games.

Despite the major jump in prices in recent days, there are still ways to get into the building for each of these games at a price of under $100 — though you might not have a seat. $67 will get you a standing room ticket in the building for Friday night’s game, while standing room only tickets for Sunday’s game are currently going for $80 a pop. If you want good seats down low, expect to pay at least 4 times that. A lower bowl seat in Section 117, Row 6 on Friday will go for $403, while a seat for Sunday’s game in Section 112 (four rows behind the basket) will cost you $406.

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This uptick in demand for Heat tickets isn’t confined to games at the American Airlines ArenaTickets to Miami’s next roadgame at Orlando cost $115.90 on average, which ranks it as the most expensive game of Orlando’s home schedule.  Tickets to the Orlando game have jumped up 28.8% since Miami beat Boston on Monday. The next Heat road game is in Chicago and that matchup will also be the most expensive Bulls home game of the season. The average price for a ticket to Miami at Chicago is $222 and prices have increased 14.8% since Miami’s win in Boston.

And finally, if you want to experience the Heat winning streak from a courtside seat, make sure to get your AMEX out. A pair of tickets in Row AA (on the wood) of the Courtside North section for Friday’s Heat-Pistons game is currently listed at a price of $4,021 per ticket.

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Miami Heat Schedule

Date Teams Time Venue
Mar 22 Detroit @ Miami 7:30 American Airlines Arena
Mar 24 Charlotte @ Miami 6:00 American Airlines Arena
Mar 25 Miami @ Orlando 7:00 Amway Arena
Mar 27 Miami @ Chicago 8:00 United Center
Mar 29 Miami @ New Orleans 8:00 New Orleans Arena
Mar 31 Miami @ San Antonio 7:00 AT&T Center
Apr 2 Miami @ NY Knicks 8:00 Madison Square Garden
Apr 5 Miami @ Charlotte 7:00 Time Warner Cable Arena
Apr 6 Philadelphia @ Miami 7:30 American Airlines Arena
Apr 9 Milwaukee @ Miami 7:30 American Airlines Arena
Apr 10 Miami @ Washington 7:00 Verizon Center