With an average resale price of $252 a ticket, this weekend’s Michigan-Michigan State showdown is set to be the most expensive matchup between the teams since 2010, when we started tracking the secondary market. The previous high was the 2012 matchup in Ann Arbor, which had an average resale price of $249.

Interestingly, while this game is a very hot ticket, it is not even the most expensive Michigan home game this year. That distinction belongs to the November matchup with Ohio State, which has an average resale price of $273 a ticket.

Tickets to Michigan State at Michigan Wolverines Football

With the teams a combined 11-1, ticket prices have risen 29 percent in the past two weeks. Two weeks ago the median listing price on our site for a ticket was $291, but currently it is up to $377. The get-in price has also increased, going from $178 two weeks ago to $238 currently.

Overall Michigan has the 10th most expensive tickets in college football this season, with an overall average resale price of $119. This is up 65 percent from this point a season ago, when the overall average resale price of a Michigan ticket was $72. This put them 36th in college football. It seems likely that both the much improved team, and home games against Michigan State and Ohio State, have caused this bump. Click here to see a full list of Michigan State tickets.