With single-game tickets selling out in just minutes Wednesday, Minnesota Vikings fans seem more optimistic about their team than in recent years. Of course they also may be excited to check out the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium, the newest venue in the National Football League.

Vikings-Packers Historic Ticket Prices

vikings tix
*(Based on secondary market data)

The Vikings’ first regular season home game in this new venue will be when they host the Green Bay Packers, and right now the demand for this game is higher than we have seen since we started tracking the secondary market in 2010. Fans are paying an average of $407 a ticket right now, more than double the cost of any other Vikings home game in our database.

Tickets to the Minnesota Vikings

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It looks like for the first time in years there is more demand to see this historic rivalry in Minnesota than there is in Green Bay, as the average resale price for this year’s game at Lambeau is $225. The Vikings have seen a huge bump in demand across all their games: they have gone from 28th in the league at this time last year with an average resale price of $114, to 6th in the league currently, with an average resale price of $258.

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