We are back to take a look at how MLB ticket prices are faring on the secondary ticket market.  Here are the highlights:

10 Most Expensive MLB Ticket Prices Last Week

  • Following a string of losses, average secondary ticket sales for the Chicago White Sox have dropped from $70.32 to $29.54 and for the St. Louis Cardinals, prices have fallen from $67.85 to $30.23
  • As the Yankees regain the top spot in the AL East, prices have increased from an average of $53.40 to $72.98 and will continue to rise as they prepare to face off against the Red Sox at the end of the month

10 Least Expensive MLB Ticket Prices Last Week

Bottom MLB Ticket Prices 09-20-10

  • The Angels no longer bottom out the list – although ticket prices for the team remain steady, average prices in the resale market for the Indians, Brewers, Royals and Pirates have dropped drastically
  • Most striking on the past week’s rankings is that the Rockies have jumped from #20 to #9 with average prices increasing from $27.59 to $40.54 after wins gave the team, and its fans, a chance at the NL West pennant

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