Yesterday was the final day of the MLB division series as the Rangers topped the Rays at Tropicana Field 5-1, making history in more than one way. The Rangers can finally join the rest of the major league in winning a postseason series, and more impressively, they are the only team to achieve all three wins on the road. Home field became a disadvantage in this series, as the Rangers won Game 1 and 2, the Rays took both games in Arlington, and then the Rangers moved onto the ALCS after an enormous 9-inning performance by Cliff Lee at the Trop.

Since the four teams are finalized, let’s check out the upcoming ALCS and NLCS…

Naturally, prices on the secondary market for the two championship series are significantly higher than they were for the four division series. Here is the breakdown:

While ticket prices for the division series were comparable between the American League and the National League, the NLCS now has an over $80/ticket markup from the games being played in the ALCS. The final four this postseason all boasted expensive tickets in the first round of the postseason:

Now, just two days away from the start of the second round of the postseason, let’s take a closer look at the two upcoming series:

The average price per resold ticket at home for the Rangers is $186.78 and $203.48 for the Yankees. The Yankees swept the Twins in the ALDS despite concerns that the Yankees were too old and too injury-ridden to take out the energetic Minnesota team. History does, however, have a tendency to repeat itself – the Twins have never made it past the division series when pitted against the Yankees.

On the other side, the Rangers battled the Rays for the division series title and managed the win only in the last game. They won their three games the hard way and in a much talked about Rays-like fashion: aggressive baserunning. The Rangers are eager to continue their postseason momentum, and if they keep their bold running up against the slower Yankees, they just may be able to do that.

Things to consider: the Rangers’ ace pitcher Cliff Lee will not be able to pitch until Game 3 but CC Sabathia performs better on shorter rest, and by Friday, it will have been almost a week before his last game. Speed of the Rangers vs. power lineup of the Yankees – two very different styles of baseball. Expect prices to increase for the games in Yankee Stadium if the Yankees win in Arlington.

Fans are shelling out top-dollar both in Philadelphia and in San Francisco! So far, the Phillies are averaging a whopping $284.24/ticket for home games while the Giants are raking in $273.71/ticket. The Phillies have played incredible baseball in the past few years and are only getting better. Led by a stellar bullpen and an equally impressive lineup, they swept the Reds and are now well-rested.

The Giants won their division series in four games in what was probably the toughest series despite the Rangers-Ray match up extending to five games. Each game was won or lost by just one run. After a playoff drought through most of this decade, the Giants are excited to be involved in October baseball once again and head into the championship series against the Phillies after they split six games in the 2010 season.

Things to consider: LINCECUM vs. HALLADAY in Game 1! This game commands a skyrocketing $301.69/ticket and with good reason. Okay, maybe this alone is enough to digest for now.

Get your rest now because come the weekend, you will be glued to your TV for what promises to be one of the most exciting championship series in years! And be sure to check back in with the SeatGeek Blog to see how prices continue to move in the MLB postseason.

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