The start of the 2011 MLB Season is right around the corner with the first regular season games starting just one week from today. For the first time in around 5 months, baseball fans across the country will have the opportunity to go out to the ballpark to support their favorite teams. We take a look at the price of MLB tickets for each of the teams home openers to determine which teams fans are most excited for the upcoming season.

Most Anticipated MLB Home Openers

The top 5 most anticipated home openers are not all that surprising this season considering the top 5 include the Boston Red Sox and all four teams in the 2010 League Championship Series. With the addition of Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, the Boston Red Sox have made the biggest off-season moves leading up to the 2011 season and it is no surprise that Red Sox fans are willing to pay big money to see their revamped squad take the field. The Phillies surprised the nation and created possibly one of the best pitching rotations ever by signing star pitcher Cliff Lee out from under the Yankees and Rangers, it is no surprise that Phillies fans can’t wait to get out to Citizens Bank Park to welcome Cliff Lee back to the team.

MLB Home Openers - Top 5 Home Openers


Cheapest Home Openers

Fans of some teams don’t seem to be all that excited for the start of the 2011 MLB Season. The Angels, Nationals, Indians, Braves and Pirates are hosting the five cheapest home openers of the season. One of the most surprising teams on this list, is the Atlanta Braves considering they were a 2010 playoff team.

Cheapest MLB Home Openers

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