MLB’s Opening Day kicks off on April 2, with a matchup between the San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks, while the Yanks take on the Rays down in Florida. While Opening Day is generally considered the priciest ticket of the regular baseball season, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your butt in a seat. Check out our list of tips and tricks to save cash and Play Ball!

Wait to Buy Tickets on the Secondary Market

While Opening Day tickets don’t typically see the same price drops as a standard MLB game, for most matchups prices still do come down in the week leading up to the game. Last season fans who bought tickets more than a week out of Opening Day spent about five percent more than those that bought tickets in the week leading up to the game. However, as a word of caution, of the 15 games on the first two days of last season, four saw prices actually go up in the final week.

Get Tickets During the Onsale

If you are one of the lucky few who is able to snag tickets during the onsale, that is one of the best ways to save money on Opening Day tickets. While the secondary market is cheaper than the primary market for many games throughout the season, Opening Day typically has face value tickets that are less than what they are selling for on the secondary.

Focus on Ticket Value, Not Price

Applicable to Opening Day and every other event you attend, it is important to look not just at the cheapest tickets, but at the ones that are the best value. Oftentimes for just a couple more dollars you can find yourself in a much better seat. This is where SeatGeek’s Deal Score tool comes into play, ranking seats not just by their price, but by their value.

Choose a Weekday Game Instead

If you are looking at the Opening Day prices and thinking they are too much for your budget, go to a different game. Tickets to Opening Day are often more than double the cost of tickets to another regular season game. If you are really looking to save money be sure to keep an eye on weekday games against less marquee opponents, which is typically is when the best deals can be found.

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