Nothing says spring quite like MLB Opening Day.

Yet again this year the initial day of the season will have a trio of games, highlighted by the divisional matchup between the defending champion Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

That hottest ticket across all the Opening Day games is actually not until April 10, when the Cubs return home for the first time since winning their historic World Series. They will host the Los Angeles Dodgers, with tickets averaging $309 right now on SeatGeek.

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Monday, April 3, will be the more typical Opening Day, with 12 teams holding their home openers. The biggest game of this group is the Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers, which is reselling for an average of $206.

MLB Opening Day Average Resale Price (4/3)

Matchup Avg. Resale Cost
Blue Jays @ Orioles $158
Padres @ Dodgers $154
Marlins @ Nationals $125
Mariners @ Astros $142
Phillies @ Reds $188
Braves @ Mets $189
Royals @ Twins $84
Angels @ Athletics $99
Rockies @ Brewers $90
Pirates @ Red Sox $180

The second half of the league will have their home openers a few days later, beginning on April 7 when six more teams host their home openers.

The highlight of this stretch of games is the Red Sox at Tigers, which has an average resale price of $207.

Then three days later five more teams will host their Opening Day, highlighted by the aforementioned Dodgers at Cubs game, and a Athletics at Royals game with an average resale price of $229.

MLB Opening Day Average Resale Price (4/10)

Matchup Avg. Resale Cost
Astros @ Mariners $115
Diamondbacks @ Giants $202
Athletics @ Royals $229
Dodgers @ Cubs $309
Rays @ Yankees $131

Three days later, on April 11, six more teams will host their home openers. Both the Brewers at Cardinals and the Orioles at Red Sox games have average resale prices of $175, the hottest games of the day. The Chicago Cubs also open up, hosting the Cincinnati Reds for an average resale price of $149. Also opening that day are the Houston Astros (vs. Royals for $87 average), the Philadelphia Phillies (vs. Padres for $84 average), and the Minnesota Twins (vs. White Sox for $67 average).

Finally, on April 12, the last team will host its home opener, as the Dodgers will play host to the Diamondbacks. This matchup has an average resale price of $154.

While Opening Day is always an exciting time of year, this season’s trio of games to start the season, including a World Series rematch, are sure to draw the attention of sports fans across the country.