Despite a thrilling first day of the postseason featuring Doc Halladay’s no-hitter against the Reds, day two’s tripleheader—Rangers at Rays, Yankees at Twins, Braves at Giants—managed to match, and perhaps ever surpass, the first day’s tripleheader in both intensity and excitement.

Pitching wins the postseason people say?  Let’s take a look at yesterday’s games…

Although the Rays were favored to win the division series, the Rangers shut out the Rays yesterday afternoon 6-0 to pull into a 2-0 lead in the ALDS.  Kinsler and Young both drilled the ball deep to combine for five RBIs, backing up C. J. Wilson’s stellar performance in the Trop, holding the Rays’ lineup to one hit.  The Rays have managed just one run in two games and desperately need to step up their offense in order to hold off the Rangers, who are eager to win their first postseason series.

Home field advantage barely made a difference for the Rays, but as the match up moves to Arlington, the Rangers will have the benefit of their home stadium, along with enthusiastic fans that are paying an average of $135.44/ticket on the resale market to see them in Game 3 of the ALDS.  More ticket information on the Rangers can be found here.

Hours later, the Yankees pulled into a 2-0 lead in their series as well, reaffirming their postseason prowess and quelling doubts that their late season losses would translate to October trouble.  After a long time on the DL at the end of the season, veteran and postseason ace Andy Pettitte pitched a strong performance to lead his Yankees to a 5-2 win at Target Field.  After giving up an early run to the Twins, Pettitte came back to pitch calmly and effectively to wrap up seven full innings.  Pettitte, seven innings; Kerry Wood, one inning; Mo clinching yet another postseason save…  Girardi could not have planned a more perfect pitching lineup.

Any worries that the Yankees offense would have trouble with the homer-unfriendly Twins ballpark are gone, but the Twins have new cause for worry as they travel to New York to play Game 3 in the Yankees Stadium, where sluggers hit with comfort.  After the two big wins in Minneapolis, SF Giants tickets have jumped from $120.10/ticket on the secondary market for Game 3 to $145.95/ticket as fans hope for a clean sweep in the ALDS.  Check out the Yankees ticket profile for more information.

Before we take a look at the third game played yesterday, I have to say that the first two games made history in another way.  Rays’ manager Joe Maddon and Twins’ manager Ron Gardenhire were thrown out of their games in the fifth and seventh innings, respectively—the first time in postseason history that two managers have been ejected on the same day.  That kicked the already high postseason energy into a frenzy, even though the managers’ game-tossing performances were not nearly as dramatic or dynamic as those of Lou Piniella in seasons past.

Moving on to yesterday’s third and most exhilarating match up.  The Braves played the Giants in front of an energetic, packed house.  Although Derek Lowe of the Braves only allowed one run in his five innings against the Giants, the offense of the two teams was not the focus of Game 1.  Tim Lincecum’s postseason debut rivaled Doc Halladay’s on Wednesday.  Young, slight, but mysteriously powerful and effective, 26-year-old Lincecum pitched all nine innings, holding the Braves to two hits and striking out fourteen (Doc only struck out eight).  The Braves’ offense was powerless against his different pitches and the game came to a close as Lincecum struck out the last two batters.

Game 2 of both NLDS will be played tonight.  Fans are shelling out an astronomical average of $170.33/ticket for Game 2 of the Braves/Giants match up, a $36.81 increase from the $133.42/ticket average on Monday before Lincecum’s postseason debut.  It will be interesting to see if prices increase for Game 3 when the Braves head home to face off against the Giants.  Keep an eye out for Giants and Braves ticket prices here at

Wilson, Pettitte and Lincecum’s pitching led their teams to postseason wins yesterday and fans will surely react accordingly.  Be sure to come back to the SeatGeek Blog to see how ticket prices continue to move as we progress through the four division series.

Questions or comments?  Let us know below or get in touch on Twitter @SeatGeek.  Have a great weekend!

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