With the playoff race almost over, here’s a peek at the secondary ticket market leaderboard:

Top 10 MLB Ticket Prices 9/29

The big winners this week are the Boston Red Sox, whose prices increased 125% from $46.62 on September 20th to a stratospheric $105.24, coinciding with the Sox’ final shot at a playoff berth. Expect ticket prices to drop over the next few days, as the Yankees and Devil Rays clinched their playoff berths yesterday, crushing the Red Sox’ post-season hopes.

The Giants and Padres have remained in the top 10 as they duke it out for the last playoff spot, with the Giants’ ticket prices steadily increasing and, strangely, the Padres’ steadily decreasing.

At the other end of price spectrum…

Bottom 10 MLB ticket prices 9/29

The White Sox and the Reds are the only two teams in the bottom 10 with a winning percentage above .500, and the Pittsburgh Pirates win the consolation prize with $11.43 tickets and a league-low .357 (56-101).