Sports have always brought people together, giving fans a common goal and a common enemy. But some fans take things a bit too far – and they always seem to come in packs. In honor of these such groups of fans, we’ve put together a list of six of the most obnoxious fan bases in all of sports.

St. Louis Cardinals

First up on our list is the St. Louis Cardinals, whose fan base’s holier than thou attitude has reached a fever pitch over the last few seasons. Over the past twenty years or so, the Cardinals have received plenty of praise from baseball fans and players alike for the way they appreciate the game. This has led to St. Louis fans being dubbed “the best fans in baseball.” It’s a silly title when you think about it, but their fan base has identified with it to the point where it rubs everyone else the wrong way.

Are the fans really that different from any other fan base? Do the Cardinals as a team play a different brand of baseball than say the Pirates? Maybe, but surely not enough to build your entire identity around it.

Philadelphia Eagles

1968 is more or less ancient history at this point, but something Eagles fans did almost 50 years ago is a perfect example of why people think their fan base is obnoxious. Philadelphia fans were on edge as the team seemingly threw away its chance to draft O.J. Simpson by winning two games late in the year and they decided to take their anger out on an unlikely target – a man dressed as Santa Claus. Eagles fans not only booed St. Nick, but they also decided to pelt him with snowballs. They seriously threw snowballs at Santa.

Montreal Canadiens

Where do we start with the Montreal Canadiens? With the multiple times that they’ve rioted in the past decade after playoff victories? Or perhaps the fact that they booed their own star goalie in a PRESEASON game?

Actually, we’ll go with the fact that Habs fans overwhelmed Montreal’s police department with phone calls due to an on-ice incident during a rivalry game against the Bruins in 2011. Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara laid a dirty hit on Montreal’s Max Pacioretty that stent him into the stanchion and fractured a vertebra. The hit was certainly dicey, but the NHL opted not to punish Chara, which prompted Habs fans to call their local police department to call for criminal charges against the Bruins captain.

Tying up the police’s phone lines when there are actual crimes going on over a hit in a hockey game is just plain obnoxious.

New England Patriots

I’ll admit that I’ve been a Patriots fan my entire life, but that hasn’t blinded me to how terrible the majority of the fan base can be. The team has gone on an almost unprecedented winning streak since Bill Belichick took over as coach back in 2000 and, in the process, have made enemies with almost the entire league through their questionable interpretation of NFL rules. Despite being rightfully penalized for incidents like SpyGate and DeflateGate, Patriots fans have an intense persecution complex and think that the league is specifically out to get the team because they don’t bow down to Roger Goodell. The team’s winning ways have also made the Patriots an easy target for bandwagon fans, which is unfortunate because there are plenty of die-hards who suffered through 40 years of pathetic teams.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills fans somehow turn their obnoxiousness into an endearing quality. While they are fiercely loyal to the team, the #BillsMafia out in Western New York are known for their outrageous antics during their tailgates. The hard-drinking Bills fans have made slamming each other through tables into an art form, with one particular incident taking the cake. In January of 2016, a fan attempted to put himself through a flaming table and he (unsurprisingly) caught on fire. But he wasn’t done yet. He went back and got his vengeance on the table despite the fact that he was still aflame. The repeated drunken antics and seemingly endless harassment of visiting fans are certainly enough to put Bills fans on our list of the most obnoxious fan bases.

Sure, all of these fan bases are pretty easy to dislike – but isn’t that part of what makes sports so great?