The 2018 Winter Olympics have ended, and Americans can no longer watch NBC’s extended commercial marathons broken up by the occasional showcase of Coloradans demonstrating their physical prowess. And while the good ol’ US of A didn’t top the standings this time around, we were still able to kick some serious tail in a number of sports (special shoutout to the women’s hockey team). Here are the highlights of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Shirtless Tongan Flag Bearer Returns

Pita Taufatofua made a repeat appearance as the greased up and swole up flag bearer from the tiny island nation of Tonga, causing fans of shirtless men everywhere to swoon over his oily muscles as he strode into Pyeongchang. Well done, Pita, well done.

Red Gerard Shows Up Late, Cusses on TV, Then Drops a Gold

Red Gerard started off having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day when he was supposed to shred but instead overslept and forgot his jacket. Don’t worry though, he took the gold anyway, proving that Coloradans are once again the hardiest among us. Of course, he then dropped an F bomb on international television, so yeah…

Mirai Nagasu Lands a Triple Axel Like a Boss

Figure skater Mirai Nagasu became the first American ever to land the notoriously difficult stunt in the Olympics, and only the third American ever documented to do it anywhere, joining the likes of Tonya Harding and Kimmie Meissner. We’re hoping that Nagasu’s follow up career has more Meissner than Harding though.

Men’s Curling Team Slides to Victory

Curling has something of a reputation for being an easily accessible sport for the shuffleboard crowd, so when we caught a glimpse of the actual talent and skill required to truly excel at the sport it was a wakeup call for anybody who thought it was boring. The Men’s curling team proved that the sport is as exciting as any other when they followed Matt Hamilton’s mustache to victory.

USA Women’s Hockey Team Gets That Moose off Their Back

Hot take: Canada is pretty good at hockey. We know, we’re as shocked to hear it as you are. So when the American women were able to battle them to a shootout, ultimately topping our northern neighbors for their first gold in 20 years, everybody was pretty stoked. Well, everybody except Canada, of course.

(Image designed by Freepik)