Remember that time the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals? Besides adding fuel to the anti-LeBron contingent of the surprisingly vicious ongoing debate over the best players of all time, the series cemented the likes of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant among the all-time greats, and J.R. Smith among the all-time boneheads. Here are some of the best moments from the games.

Game 1: J.R. Smith Forgets the Score

J.R. Smith has already been dragged a ton for the stupidest mistake this side of middle school streetball, but we really need to emphasize how bad it was. With the score tied and five seconds left, dude dribbled to half court and ran the clock out, completely negating King James’ epic 51-point effort and opening the door for the Warriors to take it in OT. In fairness, Smith has a long history of being a disappointment, having been run out of New Orleans after a nasty sophomore slump, Denver after several tumultuous years of injuries, on court brawls, and off-court night club shenanigans, New York after a bunch of fines for drugs and cheating offenses, and even China after being, you know, just kind of a jerk. You knew what you were getting, Cleveland.

Game 2: Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Roll
Game 2 went even better for the Warriors, led by Steph Curry and his record-setting nine three-pointers and 33 totals points. Kevin Durant got in on the action too, with 26 points, nine boards, and seven assists. Meanwhile, on the other side, LeBron was able to put up a solid 29, once again proving that he can’t carry a team all by himself every night. But the best shot of the night, by far, was the Curry 3 pointer over Kevin Love who, by the way, is like 7 inches taller.

Game 3: Kevin Durant Earns His Second Straight Finals MVP
As good as Curry and the rest of the squad were, Kevin Durant showed why he is the true clutch player when it matters. With a 43 point effort bolstered by 13 boards and seven assists — and that’s without even getting to the highlight. Up by only 3 with a minute to go, he slow dribbles it past half court, then tosses a mean three-pointer from outside, draining it without even looking. You know how in the movies the heroes often walk away from an explosion without looking back? That’s Durant. Durant is Iron Man (sorry, AC Green).

Victory Parade: Jordan Bell and His Hennessy
We’re just going to go ahead and skip right over game 4, what with it being an unmitigated butt whooping with a final of 108-85. No, we really need to talk about rookie Jordan Bell at the victory parade, getting just absolutely stupid with it. Unilaterally deciding to become the Hennessy spokesperson, dude got absolutely lit, going through bottles of whiskey like the president goes through White House staff. Word on the street is that the Warriors dropped a half a million dollars on alcohol for the celebration, and we’re willing to bet that a solid half of that ended up in and around Bell’s toilet later that night. You know what, just watch the video.