With the 2016 college football season just over two weeks away (with the exception of the Cal – Hawaii game in Australia next week), we took a preseason look at the teams in the Coaches Poll Top 25 and their impact on ticket prices on the road. As seen in the chart above, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Ohio State are the most in-demand road teams in the country. Conversely, Ole Miss, Washington, Oklahoma State, and Louisville are high-quality teams that fans may be able to see for a bargain when they come to town.

Top 25 Most Popular Traveling College Football Teams

college team infographic
Turning our focus to individual games taking place in the early weeks of the season, the LSU and Wisconsin matchup checks in as the hottest ticket of the opening weekend at an average resale price of $406. The game has some added intrigue as it will be played at historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The next hottest matchup is the game between Notre Dame and Texas at $384, which is more than double the price of the average Longhorns home game ticket this season.

Of course, there are always some early-season matchups that pit two vastly different programs against one another, such as this year’s Furman – Michigan State game in Lansing. That game has an average resale price of $48, which is 53 percent cheaper than the average Spartans’ home Big Ten game this year. MSU fans – and those of other powerhouse programs – looking to see their team put up some big points for cheap should keep an eye out for early-season matchups.

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(Image courtesy of JCK_Photos via Flickr.)